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    Love something from our Osborne & Co online store but don’t have the money to pay for it now? Afterpay allows you to shop your order now, receive your items, and take your time paying it off. You get more time to pay off your order, and the best thing is that you won't be charged any interest!

    What you need: 

    • A Visa or Mastercard credit/debit card
    • Be an Australian buyer
    • Be over 18

     How it works

    • Once you decide on everything you want, check out as you normally do, but select Afterpay as your payment option
    • This will prompt you to enter all your details with Afterpay
    • Now that you've checked out, your items will be shipped and you will pay 4 easy fortnightly instalments! For existing Afterpay customers, the funds for the first payment will need to be made available on the card at the time of checkout, however, the first payment will not be deducted for 14 days. If you're a new Afterpay customer, your first payment will be made at the time of purchase.
    • Valid for amounts up to $1200.

    On dates of payment, if you have not manually paid the payment or if there are insufficient funds in your account, you will be charged a late fee of $10. If the instalment is still overdue one week later, an additional $7 late fee will be charged.

    If you are cancelling your Afterpay order online with Osborne & Co. you will be refunded the amount less the Afterpay fees.

    To see Afterpay's complete terms, please click here.